What is Light Steel?

It’s a steel structure that is made out of galvanized steel profiles connected together with bolts, using only Light Steel we can build a structure up to eight-storey.
The system created by steel sheets, sheet openings vary between 1 – 4 mm, steel sheet thickness, 60 mm – 400 mm profile wide U, C and Sigma profile.

Light Steel Project Planning

With our Furat Yapi Project department, our structures are not only suitable for Turkish standards but also for BSI, EUROCODE, AISI standards.

Light Steel Wall System

Our galvanized profile carrier system covered with A1 Fireproof 10 mm or 8 mm Fibre-cement boards.

Light Steel Roofing System

The carrier galvanized steel roof construction system is covered with (Shingle)

Light Steel Roof Covering Options

Painted galvanized trapezoidal sheet, Sandwich Roofing Panel, Onduline, Metal Tile and etc.

Light Steel Structures Insulation

Inside the wall construction, we use Rockwool or wall type Glasswool insulation materials.
Inside the roof construction, we use Glasswool blanket, Rockwool insulation materials or Sandwich Roofing Panel.


We build the real value

Earthquake Resistance

Light Gauge Steel Buildings are the best solution for construction in earthquake areas due to their high resistance against earthquakes, steel buildings are 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete buildings and Steel absorbs most of the earthquake energy.
Steel frame buildings have survived very severe earthquakes with very minor damages in comparison with buildings made of Concrete, steel frame buildings can be easily repaired within a short period of time without involving much money.

90 % Recyclable

Light Steel is one of the most sustainable construction materials. Its strength and durability with its ability to be recycled, again and again, without ever losing quality.

Competitive price

Light Gauge Steel provides high quality for reasonable prices and shorten the construction period to a great extent.

Fast Installation

Light Steel Structures can be built and manufactured very fast comparing to concrete structures. Which allows us to get work done sooner than concrete structures.

Architectural Flexibility

Light Steel Structure system enables architectural and design flexibility.

No Lightning Risks

The energy of the lightning is conducted straight to the ground and is not released destructively within the frame.

Less Material Waste

Light Steel Structures reduced the waste generated in constructions.

light steel structure

Technical Specifications


The bearing system consists of purlin, truss, frame, column, beam and galvanised steel profiles produced by Furat Yapi Structure Robot technology which is combined by bolted joint and apparatus.


  • Exterior doors are galvanized steel with a cylinder lock.
  • Interior doors are MDF-Laminated doors.
  • Double-glassed windows are white color and with PVC frame.


Load-bearing system of galvanized steel profile wall panel’s surfaces is covered at the factory with A-1 class incombustible fibre cement Natural Cement Board / Gypsum Board.


  • Patterned fibre cement Natural Cement Board
  • Fuga patterned fibre cement Natural Cement Board
  • Turksiding patterned Natural Cement Board
  • Sheathing application
  • Facade coating application
  • Windows and doors jambs (fibre cement Natural Cement Board/XPS)


Load-bearing system of galvanized steel profile’s roof is covered by high-quality bitumen based roof covering materiel on OSB / fibre cement Natural Cement Board.


  • Natural galvanized corrugated steel sheet
  • Painted galvanized corrugated steel sheet
  • Sandwich Roof Panel
  • Corrugated bituminous board covering
  • Patterned membrane
  • Metal roof tile
  • PVC / metal rain gutter and drain pipe


Rockwool is used for insulation of sandwich panel walls.
Glasswool mattress is used for insulation of the roof.

Optional Roof

  • Rockwool

Electricity Installation

The electrical installation consists of lighting fixtures, switches, sockets, cables – cable channels, fuses – fusebox and circuit breaker.
The installation is surface mounted.


  • Data line
  • Telephone line
  • UPS
  • TV
  • Fire detection system
  • Alarm and smart building systems

Sanitary Installation

Sanitary installation consists of WC with a ceramic flush tank, pedestal washbasin, eastern or western toilet, shower tray and kitchen cupboard designed according to the project.
Installation is surface mounted.


  • Hilton washbasin
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bathtub
  • Shower cabinet
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Heating and ventilation system

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