• Prefabricated Houses are structures ready for construction and first degree earthquake resistant.
  • Prefabricated houses are flexible and light buildings. They only shake and do not get torn down even in strong earthquakes.
  • Mounting period of prefabricated houses are much shorter than concrete buildings. Besides these dwellings can be demounted and mounted time and again.
  • The ready for construction houses we mentioned can be produced with heating and static calculations proper to all kinds of climate conditions.
  • The houses of Prefabrik Yapı do not corrode, deform and can be used securely for many years, because the whole load-bearing system is made from high density galvanized steel.


  • Fibercement used on the siding of prefabricated houses is produced from natural materials and it is eco-friendly.
  • There is no asbestos or any material hazardous to health in fibercement.
  • Fibercement used on the siding of prefabricated structures is noncombustible, does not melt and helps for the extinguishing of existing fire.
  • Fibercement is not effected from water and its water absorption rate is lower than concrete buildings.

Advantages of Prefabricated Houses

  • Quality
  • Confidence
  • Eligible Price Guarantee
  • Elegant designs
  • Production, installation and service speed

Quality Prefabricated House

Since the metal steel parts are screwed on the galvanized system, the structures have a very long life. Interior and exterior facing materials used in Prefabricated Houses are made of Fibercement which is also under the guarantee of Furat Yapi, which has all kinds of fireproof and hygienic certificates. As a result of Furat Yapı's investment on the system machine lines, it saves a lot of workmanship, resulting in considerable price advantages for our customers. The technology that Furat Yapı uses is not only price advantage, but it also makes it possible to reduce the probability of error almost to "0", so our customers can continue their lives in their homes more safely.

Secure Prefabricated Houses

The prefabricated houses, produced by Furat Yapı are totally engineered in accordance with static calculations in special computer programs and the metal thickness, frequency intervals, hammers on the profiles and insulation materials are decided according to the structure and climate conditions of the region to be constructed. The most important concern of Furat Yapı is the confidence of the customer. In case of any adverse events.

Suitable Prefabricated House Solutions

Thanks to technological investments of Furat Yapı, our customers are able to have the quality for a much better price. Nearly 90% of the materials used in prefabricated houses are produced by group companies operating. This is beneficial both in terms of quality, duration of supply and price fluctuation.

Types of Elegantly Designed Prefabricated Houses

The capability of producing in any dimensions enables to develop visually richer prefabricated house solutions.

Production, Installation and Service Speed

Though it may vary depending on the situation of the buildings, once our customers have placed the order, they can move in their houses within 1 month. The total time spent on one product is 10 days, and the remaining time is used for installation and delivery.


Technical Specifications


The bearing system consists of purlin, truss, frame, column, beam and galvanised steel profiles produced by Structure Robot technology which is combined by bolted joint and apparatus.


  • Exterior doors are galvanized steel with a cylinder lock.
  • Interior doors are MDF-Laminated doors.
  • Double-glassed windows are white color and with PVC frame.


Load-bearing system of galvanized steel profile wall panel’s surfaces is covered at the factory with A-1 class incombustible fibre cement Natural Cement Board / Gypsum Board.


  • Patterned fibre cement Natural Cement Board
  • Fuga patterned fibre cement Natural Cement Board
  • Turksiding patterned Natural Cement Board
  • Sheathing application
  • Facade coating application
  • Windows and doors jambs (fibre cement Natural Cement Board/XPS)


Load-bearing system of galvanized steel profile’s roof is covered by high-quality bitumen based roof covering materiel on OSB / fibre cement Natural Cement Board.


  • Natural galvanized corrugated steel sheet
  • Painted galvanized corrugated steel sheet
  • Sandwich Roof Panel
  • Corrugated bituminous board covering
  • Patterned membrane
  • Metal roof tile
  • PVC / metal rain gutter and drain pipe


Rockwool is used for insulation of sandwich panel walls.
Glasswool mattress is used for insulation of the roof.

Optional Roof

  • Rockwool

Electricity Installation

The electrical installation consists of lighting fixtures, switches, sockets, cables – cable channels, fuses – fusebox and circuit breaker.
The installation is surface mounted.


  • Data line
  • Telephone line
  • UPS
  • TV
  • Fire detection system
  • Alarm and smart building systems

Sanitary Installation

Sanitary installation consists of WC with a ceramic flush tank, pedestal washbasin, eastern or western toilet, shower tray and kitchen cupboard designed according to the project.
Installation is surface mounted.


  • Hilton washbasin
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bathtub
  • Shower cabinet
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Heating and ventilation system

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